Burton Class May 2021

We asked the children to respond to the question “What do you like most about Powerstock School and Burton Class?”
The responses were varied with lots of children saying they like Burton Class because the children are kind and happy.  They enjoy playtimes and like to play with their friends.  The children all love our weekly forest school sessions and have been involved in bark striping, nest building, den building, creating their own natural paints.
Every day we do a 7 minute mindfulness session where we are still and calm and we follow a guided session to help us to reflect on the good things in our lives.  The younger children learn songs and chants and we love to perform Zum Gali Gali and Tingalyo,
"I like Powerstock School because it is a Christian School."

"I like Powerstock School because I love learning."

"Burton Class and calm, kind and friendly and it makes me excited to come to school."
May 2021