Colmer’s Hill Fun Run 2nd April 2022

On a beautiful sunny and not too cold morning, 13 pupils from Year 4 to Year 6 took part in a fun run at Symondsbury.

33 girls in total took part in the first race.

Less than 10 minutes later, the girls had run round the base of the hill and were collecting their position cards.

It was completely exhausting!

And then it was the boys turn. 41 took part including 8 from Powerstock.

And the girls were right….it WAS totally exhausting!

But the camaraderie between them all was outstanding. The girls cheering on the boys and supporting them during the race. Then all of them sharing their experiences with each other.

And then it was time for some food while waited for the results.

Then the results were announced. Niamh came 3rd overall in the girls race and the girls team came second overall!, WOW! Congratulations girls!

Finley came 5th in the boys race but all the boys ran so well. Well done boys, you made us all very proud of you too!