Flourishing 360 Programme

Powerstock School has a unique wellbeing programme called Flourishing 360. 

It unlocks opportunities and breaks down barriers to ensure that everyone at our school is able to flourish.  Flourishing 360 allows pupils and staff to publicly flourish, be inspired and inspire others.  It is focused on more than academic achievement and enables all our school to celebrate what they can achieve and be proud of it. 

Our programme includes:

Careers Day, Hobbies Day, After School Clubs, Dash Day, Inspirational Speakers, Community projects, Transitions, Five to Thrive, News Day, Science Wow Days, Year 6 Exit Interviews, Staff Wellbeing Days, CPD, Induction Programmes and so much more.

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We want everyone in our school to be developed academically, spiritually, physically, psychologically and culturally.  It is this nurtured yet transformational growth that will be life changing and deliver life-lasting impact.