The view from our Year 6 pupils as they were preparing to leave our school in July 2023:

“Everyone is caring, it really does feel like a family with everyone wanting the best for you.”

“I always feel really safe, at play time I always know that there are two people at the top and bottom of the playground.”

“I can tell the teachers if I don’t understand, I can say I’m worried.”

“I have made more friends here than I ever did at my large previous school.”

Our Year 6 leavers’ views on our school values and which were their favourites:

“Respect because everyone deserves to be respected for who they are and their individuality – the school does this well!”

“Perseverance and friendship as they make you try harder and not give up and help you overcome anxiety.”

“Truthfulness as need to be truthful to achieve and it is the key to unlocking the other values.”

“Perseverance means that you get more out of something you like doing if you keep trying. My hobby is skateboarding, persevering shows me that I will get better but maybe not immediately, it can hurt while you’re learning as well!”

Here are some of the quotes from our latest Parents’ survey July 2023:

“Highly skilled, experienced and dedicated staff make the school a fantastic place. The unique rural setting, small class sizes and variety of extra-curricular activities and opportunities make Powerstock a wonderful place for children to grow and learn. The children are kind, supportive of one another and celebrate difference and diversity.”

“Powerstock is a great small school! With many different things for the kids to learn and join in with!”

“The small setting ensures that each child is very well known to every teacher, and is really treated as an individual. Every member of staff is approachable and the school feels like a big family.”

“The school’s focus on the whole child and encouraging all children to be the best that they can be.  The school’s values are at the heart of what they do and I can see them in how they approach everything. The quality and experience of the staff is wonderful and they genuinely care about all the children and want them to be the best they can be.”

“It has a unique family feel, and each child is nurtured in their learning for their own capabilities . The grounds and setting are so beautiful, it’s worth the journey.”


The views from Year 6 pupils and parents previous to 2023.

“Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support given to us.  You have touched us all with your kindness and nurturing skills.”

“You have been a fantastic teacher to all my children and all your work has been much appreciated.”

“Everyone at Powerstock has been so welcoming and kind”

“Very happy with the school.  Beautiful setting, attentive staff and kind, caring attitude towards pupils = happy children.”