Physical Education

We are proud to be active as a school. We want our children to understand that being active is key to living life to the full and being the best that we can be and to feel the physical and emotional health benefits of being active.

Through our school ethos of: ‘Step out of the ordinary’, we encourage our children to be inspired, be active, and feel proud of what they can achieve. We want to be the best that we can be! Physical Education (PE) is firmly embedded in our school and is not limited to traditional PE lessons. We know that daily activities, rooted deeply in the children’s educational experience, help to secure excellent outcomes for all. As well as ‘normal’ PE lessons, the Daily Mile and Mindfulness sessions are part of our daily practice.

Pupils know that their day is improved when they engage with these activities and feel better as a result. We want to equip children with strategies that they can use effectively throughout their lives. PE lessons are taught by teaching staff and professional coaches (eg Football). We base our work on the GetSet4PE framework.

Our aim is that all pupils will receive at least 2 hours of formal physical education every week and be given opportunities for additional physical activity.Every year, all pupils are transported to Bridport Leisure Centre for a term of swimming lessons. We consider it vital for children of all ages, including KS1 to learn to swim, especially as we are situated close to the coast. We are lucky to have our own Daily Mile track that borders our playground and hill section of our school grounds. Football, athletics and sports days are some of the activities we enjoy at the Weir Field, which is a half a mile walk (our warm up!) from the school. Indoor PE takes place in the Village Hut which is used for many aspects of our school day.Forest School is an integral part of our outdoor, active and well-being curriculum too.

KS1 enjoys an afternoon each week outside within our school grounds. KS2 classes experience Forest School sessions once a fortnight at our local woods (Merriott Wood).Do explore the website to see more about the PE that we offer. (Under the learning tab, look for Physical Education for documents and Classes for learning experiences and events).