Swimming Gala 27th June 2023

For the 1st time in over a decade, Powerstock decided to enter the local swimming gala organised by Primary Sports and Education. It involved a number of schools across a large area of West Dorset and we were nervous! But, one of our school values is perseverance and the team of Y5s and 6s were brave and determined to give it a go. Just look at the results below to see how we did……AMAZINGLY!
5. Yr 5 Girls Freestyle – Phoebe K 1st
6. Yr 5 Boys Freestyle – Monty 2nd
7. Y6 Girls Freestyle – Astrid 1st
8. Yr 6 Boys Freestyle – Milo 3rd
13. Y5 Girls backstroke – Phoebe K 1st
14.Yr 5 Boys  backstroke   – Oscar 3rd
15. Y6 Girls  backstroke   – Lexi 1st
16. Yr 6 Boys  backstroke   – Dylan 1st
21. Y5 Girls Breaststroke – Phoebe R 2nd
22.Yr 5 Boys   Breaststroke     – Oscar 3rd
23. Y6 Girls   Breaststroke     – Lexi 2nd
24. Yr 6 Boys   Breaststroke     – Milo 2nd
29. Y5 Girls Dribble Ball – Phoebe R 2nd
30.Yr 5 Boys    Dribble Ball      – Monty 3rd
31. Y6 Girls    Dribble Ball       – Astrid 1st
32. Yr 6 Boys    Dribble Ball       – Dylan 2nd
34. Yr5/6 Mixed Freestyle Relay – Phoebe K, Monty, Astrid, Dylan 1st (by over 1/2 length!)
36. Yr5/6 Mixed Backstroke Relay – Phoebe R, Oscar, Lexi, Milo 3rd
40. Yr5/6 Medley (backstroke, Breaststroke, Dribble ball, Freestyle) – Milo, Astrid, Monty, Phoebe K 3rd
Every single swimmer did exceptionally well. We were also praised for our team support, sportsmanship and generosity towards others. Thank you, team.  We are so proud of you all!