Sports For Champions

Today, Pierre Henry Fontaine a former team GB basketball player visited our school to encourage and inspire us – not just in sport but in our attitudes to the many aspects of life we all experience. 

He began by sharing some information about his training, diet and sports journey. We even saw footage of him playing professionally. We couldn’t believe how quick he was with the ball, how high he could jump and how many slam dunks he could do!

We had a chance to ask him questions an hear more of his amazing messages such as: 

“If you choose the easy way now, life will become harder. If you choose the hard way now, life will get easier.”    

He explained how important learning the basics such as reading and maths were so important for us all, even if we want to become sports people. Despite his dyslexia and difficulties at school, he found people who believed in him and helped him to pass his exams to get into sports universities in America. Many of us felt really inspired and encouraged. Here are a couple of his sayings:

Failure to prepare, prepare yourself to fail.

Hard work beats talent.

You are what you eat.


Such wise words!

In the Hut, each class had an opportunity to do an intensive fitness circuit…… it was exhausting and lasted only a fraction of the time Pierre spent doing this each day!

Pierre even came out into the playground to show us a slam dunk….and then we had a go!

And, of course, we encouraged Pierre and other sportspeople by raising money to help support them as they continue to look for funding. Powerstock School truly values happy, healthy and active lifestyles. A huge thank you to all of you for helping raise ,money for athletes and our school. A very special thank you was given to Elodie for raising an amount that Pierre had never seen happen from one pupil alone in all the school visits he’s ever done! A special ‘High 5’ and handshake for you!!


Thank you, Pierre!!