Manor Farm, North Poorton Visit

KS2 visited a local farm as part of our’Field to Plate’ topic. It was an opportunity to learn about some of the farm methods used and compare them to farming from 200 years ago. First we walked around the farm.

We visited the sheep and learnt about how to care for them as well as watch one being sheared.

The next visit was to the cows and calves, finding out about they are looked after, how they are milked and what happens to the milk.

The afternoon was spent observing hedgerows and sketching species of wildlife and the general geography of the farm……

…..before the rain threatened!

And of course, we couldn’t spend a day outside in the country without rolling in the fields,

What a wonderful day to enjoy our locality, learning about aspects of farming and appreciating the stunning landscape and topography and diversity that West Dorset has to offer.