Marble Run DT project


Today we completed our constructions of our marble runs.

We worked in our teams to try and apply our cardboard joining and bending techniques. At the same time, we needed to make the marble run as slowly as possible through the construction. What we found was that the more we added to our structures, the harder it was to make sure it worked through all the channels and make the runs free standing.

Some of us were frustrated when the time came to test them out. What had worked well in practice didn’t necessarily work for filming.

We talked about how much we’d learnt, even when the outcomes weren’t quite what we’d hoped. It was a really good experience to work through our frustrations as well as our successes and know that we can succeed if we never give up – even if it takes some time.

Have a look at our different constructions. If the marble didn’t run through to the end, were there some other positives about our work that you could see?