This week has started with a very different feel. We welcomed Debbie and Gerard to Seatown and worked with them on a series of lessons about money and finances. 

We began thinking about habits, what makes a good habit and how we can try to make good choices. We learnt words like delayed gratification, prioritise and budget. We considered scenarios where we could use a variety of tactics such as ‘consider and reflect’, ‘distraction’, ‘limit access to our money’ and ‘look at good examples around us’.

We drew cartoon strips of scenarios and how we could be wise in spending our money.

The second session taught us about how much things cost and what happens to earnings. We realised that much of our money is taken as taxes. We learnt that taxes are a good way to pay for education, emergency services, good roads and efficient waste disposal systems. It made us realise that there may not be nearly as much money as we thought to spend on other things. We tried to prioritise our spending….

In our 3rd session, we learnt about how banks work and how we can be rewarded for saving and be charged for borrowing. We even learnt about AER and APR

Finally, we were given a pack to take home which gave us an opportunity to share our learning with our families and maybe even set our own saving goals.