Seatown sail on a glorious day!

There was a beautiful mist hanging over the valleys on our journey to Portland but by the time we had arrived and were putting on our wetsuits for a sailing lesson, the sun had broken through making it a perfect day to be on the water.

A few land based lessons on how to steer a boat and prepare it for the water…

…..and then we were off!

And, of course, other water fun was had too.

Importantly, we also learnt about water safety:

1) make a star fish shape to keep afloat in a calm manner.

Can you float like a star for a minute?

2) Keep in a huddle with others for warmth and encouragement.

Then we were allowed to walk along the pontoon and jump into the water.

We were wet but had enjoyed ourselves.

Then it was time for lunch and some fun photos.