Seatown Sailing 13.5.22

After a week of tests, Seatown treated themselves to a well deserved morning on the water at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Academy, Weymouth.

The weather was perfect – a sunny morning with a good breeze.

We began by getting our wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets on and heading off to the water’s edge for some training on how to sail our Pico boats.

And then it was our turn to prepare our boats.

There…… good job! We’re excited and ready to go!

And now, the moment of truth….getting the boats in the water!

Here we go!

After a wonderful time out at sea, we had a safety talk where we were reminded of how to stay safe in water. We learnt that if we were in difficulty, we needed to call for help and then conserve our energy by lying on our backs and floating – not splashing around.

So of course we had to try it out ourselves!

And then it was time to rinse of the sea water and end our session.

We’d been very active all morning and our tummies were hungry!

We’re there challenges? YES! Lexi was petrified of the water. So Mrs Cleden said, “If you can go out on the boat and sail, then you have permission to give me a soggy, salty hug!”

And did she?