The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares

Today we explored the world of stories in years 4, 5 and 6. Nick, Jan, Ambs and Raja visited us in school and took us on a story writing journey. We began the morning creating a collaborative story together but were rudely interrupted by the phone ringing….it was the bank manager who didn’t believe that children could write stories. Astrid was very put out when she chatted to him and told him he was very rude having such a low opinion of children as writers!

The second half of the morning was an opportunity to write our own story endings in our own books. Once again, the bank manager called and spoke to a number of pupils on the phone. We shared some of our endings with him and guess what….he was impressed!

It was a day full of fun and imagination, with an illustrator who brought our characters to life too. We can’t wait to see our work published in a book.