The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares 3rd October 2022

After an initial think about what books we like reading and why we like reading, we pooled our ideas about what a story needs. Then we began suggesting ideas for characters, their wishes and a challenge that they had. We voted for our favourites before we began some collaborative writing.

We were interrupted by a phone call from the Bank Manager who told us all that we weren’t good story writers. We decided to show her what we were made of!

We began collaboratively writing, editing our ideas as we went. All the time an illustrator was listening in on Zoom and drawing pictures. Finally we read out the story that we had written. It took us to a cliffhanger…

After break we were able to continue and finish the story independently. We were given our own pencils and books to write with.

The Bank Manager phoned back asking to hear some of the stories……..

…….and was blown away by the high standards reached!

Each of us received a published book of our class story, packed full with illustrations from the ‘Zoom’ artist Jasmine Baker. Enjoy the read!