Wonderstruck Science Day

On Friday 27th January 2023, the whole school were treated to a whole day of science. We had opportunities to explore forces and motion and gained a glimpse into the questioning minds of scientists.

It began with a show that had us gripped as we discovered:  how we can push air;  


burn gunpowder and then make it bang;

explore the science behind jetpacks and engines;

see how forces can be spread out on a bed of nails and so much more!

We had a challenge to create our own rockets and then fire them to see how far they would go…



In the afternoon, KS2 were tasked with creating a fan powered car that travelled the fastest over a distance. There were variations to explore before the grand final.

And the winners were………

Joe and Tommy! Well done boys!

We enjoyed the day so much. Here are some of our comments.

‘It has given me a chance to see another part of science that I like much more than the written work.’

‘It was more interactive than normal science and it was a very entertaining show.’

‘I really enjoyed the fan powered cars and the explosions.’

‘I enjoyed it because I really like experiments. I’ve always liked science but now I like it even more!’

‘I knew it was fun, but not that fun! It is now good to me.’

‘I loved it for it was different from an ordinary day. My favourite thing was the exploding balloon!’

‘I do like a bit of Chemistry and he seemed really funny!’

I did enjoy it because of Peter’s enthusiasm. My favourite bit was probably building the car because it gave me so many ideas.’

‘I didn’t know science could be that much fun!’

‘I also liked the smoke machine. I really thought the circles were going to hit me. I was so frightened!’

‘I liked the dangerous bed because he did not cry.’

‘I thought it was really fun but I thought the funniest part was the balloon when he said it was the most dangerous balloon in Powerstock!’

‘I was worried and scared and excited. I was excited about the balls of smoke.’

‘I liked it when he poured the Cornflakes (Rice Krispies).’

‘The bed of nails was comfy. Mrs Cleden broke the brick. It was really heavy.’

‘I liked the bit where water came out of him.’

‘I liked the big, loud explosions.’

‘I loved it because me and J won the car race and I liked the jet engine.’

‘I loved the explosion from the balloon. It felt like a nuke as the ripples hit my chest.’