Dash Day September 2023

On a beautiful late summer’s day, the school spent the day thinking about our dash – the symbol found between birth and death dates but represents a whole lifetime. 

We were reminded by Mrs Moss, one of our governors about our school vision, ethos and values and how they drive, empower and guide us (please see the website under the ‘Welcome’ tab). This is embedded in all we do. 

The whole school visited the church graves to find and identify what people’s dashes may have been. Were there any clues that could tell us about individual lives?

These were shared back in classes before we thought about our own dashes and what we would like them to be. These were then written down.


A beautiful, thoughtful and reflective day. This was a good start to our school year. Let’s ‘Be the best that we can be and live life in all its fullness.’