PGL Wacky Races

One of our evening events was 90 minutes of weird and wonderful races in teams.

The first race was all about trying to throw as many shoes into hoops. This was followed by trying to build the tallest tower of shoes!

Finally the race was on to find our own shoes and put them back on!

The races then became stranger. Here, we were trying to move with fast arms and slow legs and vice versa…

The bumps, bridges and roundabouts race…

In this race, we were imagining we’d won the lottery and were ecstatic but on the way back to our team, an imaginary seagull had swooped down and taken all our winnings away. We were pretty distraught as you can see!

Have you ever tried to race whilst carrying a tennis ball without using your hands?

Finally, each team had to create the longest line with items in their team.

It was a truly wacky evening!