Salisbury Leavers’ Service 5.7.23

As time at Powerstock draws to a close, Y6 visited Salisbury Cathedral to mark this significant turning point in their lives. Some had never travelled by train before, so it was a day full of firsts.

We enjoyed the  cathedral grounds and had lunch……

…. before entering the cathedral itself for a special service. Before it began, we marvelled at the building.

The service focused on Jesus’ light in us spreading and growing as we share it with others. ‘Be yourself and shine brightly’ we were told. Candle bearers from each school passed on the flame from one candle to the other from the Paschal Candle and held high during the service. We brought back a candle to use in our collective worship back in school.

It was a special message for a special moment in our lives.


Shine brightly, Y6 because you are beautiful and you are YOU! Go and be amazing lights to others as you leave us.