Seatown and World Book Day March 2nd 2023

Books and stories are fantastic! That’s the message we want to share with you all. Although World Book Day was just one day, we have really enjoyed books and stories in many ways over the past week.

We began by listening to an audio book during each daily mindfulness session. We listened to Johnny Morris reading Just So stories by Rudyard Kipling. Not only was it a relaxing, enjoyable experience, but we learnt a new word ‘sagacious’ that some of us have even been able to use it in our writing. Do YOU know what it means?

We had fun taking photos of ourselves reading in unusual places.




On World Book Day itself, we arrived in school either dressed as a character from a book we’ve enjoyed, or we brought in a clue or prop. Others had to guess which book we were representing.

Our next activity was to see how words can create such different stories. We were given 3 things: a man figure, a stick with a hook and the setting, Antarctica. We tried to keep the stories short. Here are 2 of the stories that took under 30 mins to write. Notice how different they are in writing style and content…

Beepa, beeps, beepa the clock sounded. ‘Crack,’ Bob’s back went. “Oh I hate being old.”

You see Bob was 70 something and it was a week to Christmas and he was a mailman. So let’s begin.

Bob got dressed, took his cane and went downstairs. If you’re wondering where Bob’s wife is, she fell ill 4 months ago. And Bob was worried.He worried for his wife’s life. So as he went to work, his heart was sad and not filled with the joy of Christmas. 

“Bob!” his boss bellowed.

“Yes,” Bob groaned.

“I need you to deliver these letters to Santa, pronto. Kapeesh!”

“Aye,” said Bob.

Once he’d reached the docks, he boarded a boat and went off to sea. A large storm whipped up. Little did he know they were set off course. It was a blank landscape. The cold bit at his skin.As he thought he was dead, he thought of his wife, his kids and he prayed to God for a miracle. And it was done. A smell of cake filled his nostrils – he was in the Arctic. There were elves; he had completed his mission. Another wish and he was home – not in Antarctica, not in the Arctic but home.

Dear diary,

Today is my first day being stuck in the vast Antarctica. My journey has been rough but here goes…

It was yesterday when I realised my flight that day was to get to South Africa. I rushed to the airport and boarded my plane. As I slouched back in my luxurious, luscious, plump chair, I took the time to get to know the people next to me. I quickly made friends with the guy next to me. His name was Bob; he was also my age – 64. But then the caption told us there was an error! We were going to crash! People  propelled towards the door, hoping to jump out into the water.  

And that’s all I can remember. All I have is a stick thing! Maybe I can use it to fish…?

In the afternoon, we drew some book tokens for a national competition. here are some of our examples

We also experienced D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) which was good fun too.