Spiritual thinking at Easter time.

As part of our Easter work on 5th and 6th April, the children were encouraged to think deeply about some questions at each activity they visited. Take a look at the questions and responses….

After our ‘stick journey’ activity, we asked, ‘What was Jesus’s journey?’

We read about Jesus’ journey through life, then he stops and dies and then starts another journey. It’s like running in a race, then stopping for a bit and then running again. (Y2)

Even though Jesus died, he still persevered through suffering. (Y5)

Jesus persevered to save the world. (Y3)

Jesus took a journey to his death. Although he was praying, he was sentenced to death but he knew God’s plan was working. (Y5)

He died but came back to life again. (YR)

During the seed planting we asked, ‘How does seed planting relate to the Easter story?’

Jesus was born, had his life, died and then came back to life – like the life cycle of a plant. (Y5)

Plants die in winter. Jesus died and it went dark – just like winter (Y4)

There is growing happiness in spring, just like Jesus coming back to life.

Jesus pollinated the world. The disciples spread his word, like the bees.

Jesus blossomed after he died.

Jesus was a seed at the start. He died. He got watered and came back. God is the water.

Jesus is the seed. Good is the roots. That makes the plant. The plant is us.

During the collage of creatures, the question posed was, ‘What has Jesus provided for us?’

The world, animals, trees and oxygen. Water and food and air.

Meat from animals, plants, air. Trees that need carbon dioxide.

Medicine, our school, homes, our lives. The lives of people and animals.

During the flag designing using the olive branch as a symbol of peace we asked, ‘How did Jesus bring peace?’

By sacrificing himself to take all our sins. (Y5)

He went around teaching, healing and solving people’s problems. (Y5/2)

Maybe, by people getting angry with him, Jesus took all that and they got rid of their anger. (Y5)

He died so that we didn’t fight back. (Y2)

But WW1 and WW2 have happened. Maybe it didn’t work. (Y6)

Lots of people were supposed to get angry with him so that he would be killed which was God’s plan. (Y6)

He protected people from their sins. Romans killed innocent people; Jesus saved them from that. (Y6)

He died for us to come alive. (YR)

He died for us so we could be born to go on this planet. (Y3)

In the Garden of Gethsemane he said he’d come peacefully and not fight. (Y5)

He never fought back. Jesus took it peacefully and set an example. (Y6)

He came peacefully and left peacefully. (Y6)